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Beaver Brook Estates is a community of waterfront camps on Long Pond in Rome, Maine.

Road Modification (Sep 2019 - )[edit]

A letter composed by Forrest West and Fred Knight to camp owners was sent on 2 Dec 2019. The letter solicits opinions on relocating the camp road and includes the quote from E-PRO Environmental Engineering from 2001 that “It is a well-known fact that it is environmentally beneficial to site infrastructure as far as possible from bodies of water...” Also mentioned are other attributes and some details, namely

At the last Beaver Brook Road Association meeting, several people talked about relocating part of the camp road. Many years ago, the camp road was relocated away from the lake for the first 12 camps, giving them more safety, privacy, and usable land. We would like to consider a similar change to move the road away from the lake for the remaining camps but still connect with the current circle at the end of the road.

The first 4-5 camps after the Gardiners’ camp would probably use the existing road. At the far end of the road, the last 3-4 camps could use their current connection to the circle. The 9 camps in between would need new single or shared driveways. Maps are available on line (see below). Many of us whose camps are very close to the existing road are willing to make a significant investment to the cost in order 1) to improve safety for our grandchildren and pets, 2) to lessen the liability risk to the Road Association, and 3) to enhance Long Pond water quality. Some camp owners might see little benefit. The cost of the new road and driveways would be raised voluntarily.

We all cherish the water quality of Long Pond. Any changes to the current road and driveways would need to be designed to ensure there would be no negative effects on the lake.

At the 31 Aug 2019 annual Road Association meeting, one topic was a discussion of the possibility of relocating a portion of the camp road, a topic that was considered over ten years ago. It was mentioned that

  • plans exist for a road farther away from the pond, see Rome's Town Map #17
  • driveways shared by pairs of camps were shown on the plans, see [Land Survey 2005]
    BBE USGS topo with general proposed road and drvwy layout copy.jpg
  • many residents were in favor to reduce traffic near the camps and possibly reduce erosion,
  • one important topic was whether owners need to relinquish right-of-ways across other properties, and
  • further analysis would be needed to reconsider the relocation.

Ann Knight accepted for her absent husband, Fred Knight, the responsibility to research the status of previous action on relocating a portion of the camp road. Bob Scherpf indicated that he would forward the existing plans on relocating the portion of the road beyond lot #10 and 10A (Gardner, 184 Beaver Brook Estates) and notes on previous action by the Road Association. Going forward, there should be at least quarterly updates on possible actions and perhaps a potential plan to consider at the 2020 annual Road Association meeting.

On 23 Sep 2019, Fred Knight consulted with Andrew Marble, Rome's Code Enforcement Officer, concerning the steps for relocating the road. Andrew called the relocation more than a minor subdivision modification but less than a call for a new subdivision due to the proposed relocation being shown on Rome's Town Map #17. With this description, the steps toward relocating the road would be to present to the Planning Board a sketch/preliminary plan of the relocation, complete the engineering drawings for the road and driveways, get final approval of the road from the Planning Board and issue a permit for construction, solicit and accept construction bids, approve construction by the Road Association, and modify the Road. Further discussion with Andrew Marble was the following.

  • Rome ordinance for this process is here.
  • Possible contractors are Jason Stevens, Warren Brothers, Scott Horne, Rick Labbe, and Dave Hallowell.
  • The Road Commissioner would oversee the project.
  • The schedule would include at least two meetings with the Planning Board to present a sketch/preliminary plan and present the final plan.

The next steps in the process might be the following.

  • Determine what has been done previously by the Road Association.
  • Determine what is on file in the Rome CEO office. Andrew Marble is doing this.
  • Survey members affected by this relocation as to their willingness
  • Discuss with individual owners the subject of existing right-of-ways
  • Get preliminary estimates by engineer of missing information to get Planning Board approval and support for the bidding process.
  • Draw up a list of pros and cons for the relocation, including effects on runoff to Long Pond, effects on camp owners, and schedule options.

Useful links for camp owners[edit]

Beaver Brook Estates Road Association is a Maine Association filed on May 17, 1999 . The company's filing status is listed as Good Standing and its File Number is 19990472ND. The company's principal address is 224 Beaver Brook Estates, Rome, ME 04963.

  • Annual Meetings
    • The 2017 Annual Meeting: Saturday, 2 Sep 2017 at 8:30 am at Bob Scherpf's camp at 172 Beaver Brook Estates.
    • The 2018 Annual Meeting: Saturday, 1 Sep 2018 at 8:30 am at Bob Scherpf's camp at 172 Beaver Brook Estates.
    • The 2019 Annual Meeting: Saturday, 31 Aug 2019 at 8:30 am at Bob Scherpf's camp at 172 Beaver Brook Estates.
  • Trash can be delivered to the Belgrade Transfer Station in blue bags purchased at the Belgrade Town Building.
  • The annual loon count sponsored by Maine Audubon is held at 7-7:30 am on a Saturday in mid July each year. Pete Kallin organizes the count for Long Pond.
  • 7 Lakes Alliance
  • Road Maintenance
    • Plowing in the winter allows access to all camps, but plowing of a driveway or parking area must be contracted by each camp owner.
    • A new, large culvert was installed on the main road into the camps in 2017 to replace a failing one.
    • A new, small culvert (12" diameter) was installed between #228 and #232 in spring 2019.

Other possible links/topics that might be developed[edit]

  1. Agendas and minutes of annual meetings
  2. Maps
  3. Personal web sites if desired
  4. Weather and water temperature data
  5. Major projects like to the new road culvert
  6. Seasonal activities
  7. History particular to the area and not covered in other web sites
  8. Good experiences with service contractors (could be interpreted as endorsement but might be quite helpful). An alternative would be list of owners who want to advertise that they've done something that might be useful to others, e.g. additions, engineering, well problems, or LakeSmart.
  9. Beavers
  10. Expertise of owners or volunteer activities or needs that are unfulfilled
  11. Schedule of events (probably should rely on other sites)
  12. Hiking trails, e.g. Maine Trails for Round Top
  13. For sale or swap items ( might be better but this might be an advantage to advertise local only)
  14. Utility options for internet and tv (probably too topical and would need to be kept up to date)
  15. Email list for sending to owners who want it (just another way to contact others)